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H.C Kröer Butz altimeter up to 8000 meters.......$900.00

To contact the seller of the above item click here: Altimeter

*These items are getting hard to find!  This is the first altimeter I have listed on the site in four years.  It will make a great gift for you favorite "wing Nut" or better yet "yourself"!!!






A lot of the items below are "sold" even if not marked that way.  You should contact the seller for availability on items not marked "SOLD".


1.  Morell Phylax, Wilhelm Morell, w/ orig. dated inspection tag.

2.  Same as above but without signed and dated inspection tag.

3.  Morell Phylax with wide outer flange mount.

4.  Morell Phylax, Julius Drach.

5.  J. von Petravic.

Contact Seller at:


1.Wilhelm Morell, 0-8000 meters, black face & case-2 left.

2.  G.Luft, Stuttgart, 0-8000 meters, black face, polished case.

3.  A.Kroneis, Compensirt, 0-8000 meters, black face/case RARE.

4.  C.P. Goerz. 0-8000 meters (Zep and Gothas), gray face, green case black #s,  approx 6 ½" dia, (Needs new -flat-glass replaced,.

5.  D.R. Fuess, Berlin, 0-5000 meters, black case, white face, RARE clear face but slightly smudged #s.


6. Extremely rare, recording barometric altimers by G. Luft
(used in several WWI German aircraft).

Contact Seller at:


1.  ING. J. J. Muller, Wien (Vienna), ABSOLUT, 0-115 liters
      exceptional white enamel face ,NEW cond.

2. Josef Rosenthal, Budapest, 0-239 liters, VERY RARE .

3. Original metal floats with attach rings that go in fuel tanks
      to activate fuel gauges .

CContact Seller at:

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