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This photo was marked only Fritz Kempf KG I.  This must be a typo because I have not seen any evidence of his involvement in KG I; the V must have been left off.  Is this a photo of Kempf on his way to KG IV?


In Jan. 4, 1916 Kempf joins Kampfstaffel 20 of Kampfgeschwader 4. He participates in the battles of Verdun and The Somme.

This photo is marked Casino in Le Chatelet

X   Fritz's Room

The unit was transferred from the Western Front and moved east, then became attached to Halbgeschwader I and supported the drive to capture Bucharest in the Rumanian campaign. After the fall of Bucharest, the unit was transferred to Macedonia. Kempf's squadron mate while with this unit was Hermann Frommherz.

The men of KG IV Staffel 20 1916

Kempf is in the front seat next to the driver.

Oblt. Kastner is holding the rifle.

Werner Voss is leaning on the rear fender.

Any other information on this photo is appreciated.

While combing through the archives at The University of Texas at Dallas I came across a photo of a postcard Kempf received from Werner Voss on June, 13 1916.  The card was addressed to Fritz Kempf, KG IV Staffel 20, Carignan.  Unfortunately there was no return address or content, the card was a photo of Voss in uniform with no hat and only displaying an Iron Cross.  He looked very young.

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