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A nice collection of WW 1 aircraft models which are highly detailed with working parts, unless otherwise noted. As always, items with parts like this should be kept out of reach of children!

As you can see, the cockpit of this Camel is nicely appointed. The cockpit opening is dressed in thin leather, has a detailed flight stick, and brass-rimmed instruments. The body and wings of the plane are covered in silk canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Strings are used to represent original strengthening wires between the wings.  

On this Spad you can see the metal that is used to form the front of the fuselage. These pieces are all individual sheets held together by small brass rivets. Engine and gun detail is very nice. All pieces are cast metal. The inter-plant struts and cabane struts are made from stamped steel. Some models have brass nuts and bolts where they connect to the fuselage.  

Another good example of the nice front cowling and engine detail.   The propeller is made of laminated wood. 


Landing gear are all nicely detailed with real spooked brass rims and real rubber tires. The tire comes off the rim with some effort - keep away from children!


Rotary engine models have very nice detail - they are also cast in metal and while the prop does turn, the engine does not. 


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