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Medium 26x32x14" ..... $500.00 Available by special order only 

Desktop version 15.25x18.5x7.5" ..... $165.00 In Stock












U.S. Army Spad Eddie Rickenbacker paint scheme 

23.5x30x9" ...... $320  In Stock 

French SPAD  Guynemer's paint scheme

23.5x30x9" ...... $320.00  Available by special order only  












Sopwith Camel

Medium 19.75x29.5x9.5" ...... $275.00  In Stock

Small 10.25x15x5"..... $110.00  Available by special order only at this time













17.75x24.5x6.25" ..... $144.00   In Stock













Desktop version with 2 weighted stands 12x19.25x4.5" ..... $165.00  

Available by Special Order Only at this time

This model is not pictured above. This model has much more detail with working ailerons, elevator, and rudder and with other control wires going across the top of the wing, like the original plane.


Medium 20x31.5x7" .... $173.00 value, on sale now for $120.00 

Note: This is the model shown above and it has a lower level of "detail" than other models shown on this site.  It has no moving ailerons, elevator, or rudder.   The cockpits have leather seats with some instruments on the dash, no flight stick. The rest of the aircraft is as described on the prior page. 


Large 34x49.5x10 ..... $550.00  Available by special order only 

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