I did make progress during 2001 on collecting parts and materials that I needed.  In this photo is the cowling and sheet metal parts needed for the forward section of the fuselage.  At first I plan to use a Lycoming engine to get used to the flight characteristics of the aircraft so I won't have to worry about fussing with a rotary.  Of interest is the bottom sheet metal panel that goes directly below the engine.  This panel has already been fabricated with the historically correct fold down access door that original triplanes had. 

I was also able to procure authentic looking smooth rubber wheels from Vintage Aviation Services in Texas (not related to this website).  

I was also able to get some original instruments from Joe Gertler in Florida.  I know altimeters were not standard equipment in the triplane but there is historical information to support pilots' adding their own.  The only other instrument I need is an original German compass which so far has eluded me.  

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